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Groups and Workshops

A more sociable and affordable way to access psychological benefits

Group Discussion
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The benefits of groups

Space with people

Social relationships are a vastly underestimated component of learning. Our groups and workshops offer a supportive, accepting and enjoyable way to redefine your relationship with a topic or a problem. When you participate in one of our groups or workshops not only will you have the opportunity to learn and develop yourself, you will also be an essential support to the learning of the other people taking part.

I have worked extensively with people in different group settings, and consider that group approaches offer more possibilities than individual therapy. I take responsibility for nurturing a warm, respectful and encouraging group environment. I bring to group settings all of the psychological knowledge, interpersonal experience and therapeutic skills that I use in individual therapy; the other members of the group bring a wealth of experience, skills, perspectives and humanity, which combine to make groups a very effective environment in which to learn, make changes and overcome challenges.

A selection of groups and workshops are shown below. If you want more information on groups which are open for booking, or would like me to facilitate a different kind of group, then please contact me.

A selection of groups and workshops

  • Tree of life workshop - participants identify strengths, skills, resources, supports, personal histories, hopes and values which have helped them in the face of challenges. Uses art and crafts and aims to develop a sense of community. Can be tailored to different groups and challenges.

  • Successfail - a group which examines the ways that success and failure are constructed in society; how these ideas can influence us into fearing failure, feeling like an imposter, reducing our opportunities; how we can define our own success according to our values, resist being pressured by social ideas we do not subscribe to, and find supports for our preferred positions.

  • Changing unwanted behaviours - understanding the psychology of change and how to make your plan more effective

  • Overcoming fears, anxieties and phobias

  • Overcoming low mood and depression

  • Happy in your skin - a group which supports people feeling distressed about their physical appearance (weight, scarring, other physical appearance concerns) to connect more deeply with the different facets of their identities and relationships and sometimes find happiness in unexpected places.

  • Women in relationships - a group for women who want space to think about relationships and choices, and ways to move towards a future they are invested in.

  • Communication for couples

  • Relaxation training  and mindfulness

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