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Dr Laura Sanger
Clinical Psychologist

  • Looking to get your life going in the direction you prefer?

  • Want help with problems or challenges which are getting in the way?

  • Would you like to stop current or past experiences dominating your future?

  • Could your relationships benefit from support with communication, problem-solving or building intimacy?

  • Do you want effective support at an early stage to prevent a challenge becoming a problem?

  • Are you keen to develop new skills to embrace new opportunities?

The Psychology Space offers professional, qualified and experienced Clinical Psychology Services, face to face in Newcastle (and Hexham by arrangement), or via videoconferencing anywhere in the world.



Therapy can be face to face or online


I offer therapy in my office in Newcastle, but can also offer sessions in Hexham by arrangement. Therapy can also be accessed remotely using Zoom, a secure, easy to use video platform.
I work with individuals, couples or families.

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A more sociable and affordable way to access psychological benefits


Social relationships are an underestimated component of learning. Our groups and workshops offer a supportive, accepting and enjoyable way to redefine your relationship with whatever might be troubling you.

clinical psychologist led groups

Some things you can access for free

FREE Stuff!!

I offer free introductory workshops from time to time, and also some free downloads. Click below for more information on what is currently available.

Clinical psychologist resources to build resilience


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